Last updated on 18th August 2016)  



CAR 145   

Approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisations

CAR M Sub Part F   

Maintenance Organisation

CAR M Sub Part G

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

CAR Sec 2 Series E PART VI  

Category E : Fuel Lubricants and special products 

CAR Sec 2 Series E PART VIII  

Category G : AME Training Schools

CAR 21  Sub Part G   

Approved Production Organisation for products, parts and appliances

CAR 21  Sub Part JA

Approved Design  Organisations for aeronautical products

CAR 21  Sub Part JB

Approved Design  Organisations for aeronautical parts and appliances




(Last updated on 17th October 2017)  



Bangalore Region 
Eastern Region
Northern Region
Southern Region
Western Region


List of Foreign Maintenance and Repair Organizations
(updated on 17th October 2017)


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