Recruitment Rules - "Directorate General of Civil Aviation"
S. No. Name of the Directorate Description
1 Administrative Directorate G.S.R 4: RR For Group A Post of Administrative Officer
  G.S.R 121: RR For Group B Post of Administrative Officer
  G.S.R 308: RR For Telephone Operator, Senior Computer, Caretaker, Despatch Rider-(Group 'C' Post)
  G.S.R 333: RR for Multi Tasking Staff, Group 'C' Post
  G.S.R 656 (E): RR for JDG/ DDG
2 Training Directorate G.S.R 114: RR For DD(Management Skill Enhancement Training)/AD (Management Skill Enhancement Training)/Account Officer
3 Directorate of Regulation & Information G.S.R 901 (E): RR For Director (I & R)/ DD (I & R)/AD (I& R)/Legal Officer
  G.S.R 60: RR For Dangerous Goods Inspector
4 Directorate of Operations (Flight Standard Directorate),Directorate of Air Transport (AT- 1),ANS,Directorate of Training & Licensing,Directorate of Aerodrome Standards G.S.R 437 (E): RR For Chief Flight Operations Inspector/Flight Operations Inspector (Aeroplane) Scheduled Operators
  G.S.R 384 (E): RR For Director of Operations/DD (Operations) / AD (Operations)/Operations Officer
5 Directorate Flying Training G.S.R 900 (E): RR For Director of Flying Training/DD (Flying Training)
  G.S.R 307: RR For RR For Instructor -Incharge Gliding and Gliding Instructor
6 Air Safety Directorate G.S.R 207: RR For Director/DD/AD/Air Safety Officer
  G.S.R 84: RR for Cabin Safety Inspector
7 Airworthiness Directorate G.S.R 442: RR For Airworthiness Officer
8 Assistant Library and Information Officer G.S.R 220: RR For Assistant Library and Information Officer